• unroasted Nauturally raw, maintaining a rich source of vitamin A, iron, protein, thiamin, ribo avin, niacin, and folates
  • gluten & lactose free We don’t contain any of the unsettling nasties of dairy, or any of the irritable by-products commonly found in alternatives
  • cholesterol free Macadamia nuts are also the highest omega 3:6 ration of any nut
  • GMO free Unlike soy, other nuts, (and of course dairy), we don’t genetically modify the produce in our formula.
  • 100% Australian made macadamia milk
  • 100% Australian made macadamia milk
  • 100% Australian made macadamia milk
  • 100% Australian made macadamia milk

100% Australian made macadamia milk

  • $39.00

Premium Australian macadamia milk in a box of 3 or 6 cartons!

macamilk.™ is a sustainable vegan milk that’s happily GMO, dairy and cholesterol free. It’s as good for you as it is for the earth, the best of both worlds.

Grab milk by the nuts, and make it a maca morning!

  • vegan We’re plant based, which means no harm to animals, and all the goodness for your body
  • soy free No nasty estrogen like compounds or isoflavones, which have been found to cause disease.
  • grown locally 100% of our nuts come from Byron Bay, supporting the local community as well as the national economy.
  • cleaner air The 6 million+ macadamia trees across Australia helping to reduce C02 in the atmosphere.

What they're saying

  • "High grade nuts from local producers in the Byron Region"
    The Australian Macadamia Organisation
  • "Premium macadamia milk from the east coast of Australia. Made from 100% Australian macadamias"
    The Green Edge
  • "macamilk.™ any day of the week"
    Eugene Phau, Director Campos Coffee
  • "Best performing milk!"
    Bevan Higginson, Owner Birichina Cafe
  • "We do more macamilk.™ than dairy milk sales"
    Ian Oakes, Owner Drake Eatery
  • “macamilk.™ is our non-dairy of choice. If we had the choice, it would be the only milk we would sell!”
    Ramzey Choker, Owner The Grounds of Alexandria"
  • "macamilk.™ compliments our roast better than any other non-dairy milk on the market for latte art"
    Ed Cutcliffe, Founder The Little Marionette
  • "Once you go mac, you never go back"
    Three Pence Roasters

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