• unroasted We keep our macas nuturally raw, maintaining a rich source of vitamin a, iron, protein, thiamin, ribo avin, niacin, and folates
  • gluten & lactose free We don’t contain any of the unsettling nasties of dairy, or any of the irritable byproducts commonly found in alternatives
  • cholesterol free Macadamia nuts are also the highest omega 3:6 ration of any nut.
  • gmo free Unlike soy, other nuts, (and of course dairy), we don’t genetically modify the produce in our formula.
  • 100% Australian Made Macadamia Milk (12 Pack) | macamilk.™ | Vegan Milk | Nut Milk
  • 100% Australian Made Macadamia Milk (12 Pack) | macamilk.™ | Vegan Milk | Nut Milk

100% Australian made macadamia milk - 3 pack

  • $18.00

Premium Australian macadamia milk in a box of 3 cartons

Once you go mac, you never go back!

  • vegan We’re plant based, which means no harm to animals, and all the goodness for your body
  • soy free No nasty estrogen like compounds or isoflavones, which have been found to cause disease.
  • grown locally 100% of our nuts come from Byron Bay, supporting the local community as well as the national economy.
  • cleaner air The 6 million+ macadamia trees across Australia helping to reduce C02 in the atmosphere.

What they're saying

  • "High grade nuts from local producers in the Byron Region"
    The Australian Macadamia Organisation
  • "Premium macadamia milk from the east coast of Australia. Made from 100% Australian macadamias"
    The Green Edge
  • "macamilk.™ any day of the week"
    Eugene Phau, Director Campos Coffee
  • "Best performing milk!"
    Bevan Higginson, Owner Birichina Cafe
  • "We do more macamilk.™ than dairy milk sales"
    Ian Oakes, Owner Drake Eatery
  • “macamilk.™ is our non-dairy of choice. If we had the choice, it would be the only milk we would sell!”
    Ramzey Choker, Owner The Grounds of Alexandria"
  • "macamilk.™ compliments our roast better than any other non-dairy milk on the market for latte art"
    Ed Cutcliffe, Founder The Little Marionette
  • "Once you go mac, you never go back"
    Three Pence Roasters

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